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I want to offer sincere apologies to the members of Alfas del Pi Classical Music Society and anyone who might ever have attended the society’s concerts. I feel I have let you down by resigning from the office of president, but I feel I had not choice but to do so. The decision came about as result of a long-standing difference about the society’s management that came to a head around two specific issues.

Throughout the twelve years I have been president, the society has not followed the demands of its constitution. I must take final responsibility for this. We have not had general meetings, and not appointed officers democratically. We also have not had participation in the society’s management via a committee. Again, I take responsibility for this, because I was the president. But I have regularly sought agreement on widening participation in the society’s management and operation, only to encounter the same wall of opposition each time. When things were going well, this was not a big issue. When things went wrong, however, this lack of structure meant that disagreements became splits.

In the last few weeks, we have presented concerts that, in my opinion, broke covid rules and others where the goodwill and generosity of our audience was exploited for personal reasons. I raised these concerns with the other officers of the society. The response was that I should keep quiet and do as I was told. The society, it seems, is the personal property of one individual and a president should have no say in what it does. The complaints about breaking covid rules were either dismissed as lies or interpreted my own problem. The subsequent concert in the same venue that did not break the rules revealed that the previous occasion had been no more than a local agreement between individuals and that the management of the venue still wanted the rules applied.  I felt vindicated, but powerless. The personal project that exploited our audience’s goodwill was, in my opinion, nothing short of disgraceful. When I raised this, again I was informed I should do as I was told and not question the personal “ownership” of the society by one individual.

I have documentary evidence for the above claims and will continue to hold that on file. I will not release that evidence into the public domain unless my own version of the events is questioned. Then I would have no hesitation in publishing the verbatim record.

Thank you to everyone who ever assisted in delivering the music and thank you especially to anyone who ever attended a concert.